October 15th, 2016 Workshop Event


For More information email e4youthworkers@gmail.com or text/ call 519-965-3164

Saturday, October 15th, 2016


Lakeshore St. Andrews Church (235 Amy Croft Drive, Tecumseh)

$15.00 per person (includes lunch)

Registration at the door.

Some of the Adult Volunteer workshops include:

  1. Helping students through the tough issues (anxiety, depression, suicide, and the pornography battle)
  2. Pornography and youth ministry!
  3. What is Leadership? (Team building, vision, character and fuelling our passion for God)
  4. When to talk and when not to?
  5. Conversations that create change
  6. Theology Matters- The Bible’s place in Youth Ministry
  7. “The Grass isn’t always greener” focusing on small church/youth group ministries and their strengths.
  8. What youth require to succeed 

The Student Leader stream of workshops designed to equip and train High School Students with leadership qualities and interest. Some of these workshops include:

  1. Personality & Spiritual Gift inventory
  2. Conversations that create change
  3. What makes a good Leader?
  4. Helping friends in Crisis

To Register email your church name and number coming to e4youthworkers@gmail.com just so we have an idea of who is attending!